Honorary Member Ethan GREY POINT FORT WW1 COASTAL DEFENCE BATTERY GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY - Helen’s Bay Crawfordsburn 2008 Rico Mascot Jimmy GI4MUE Comm. Member Steve GI4RNP Vice-Chairman Leslie (SWL) Comm. Mem Roy GI4TUV Billy  2i0WSH Thomas MI0MOD Treasurer Sam MI0XLK Chairman Billy (SWL) Comm.  Mem Phil GI0VAB Comm. Member Robert  MI3AIN Eddie MI0ALS      Philip MI0MSO Billy MI3LJQ Johnston MI0CMY Founder members of Grey Point Fort ARS John (SWL) John MI0NYC The majority of Grey Point Amateur Radio Club members working voluntarily at Grey Point Fort are Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, a  hobby that allows us to use different disciplines of communication to other amateur radio stations worldwide. We come from all walks of  life, movie stars, missionaries, doctors, students, politicians and just plain people like ourselves, but we all have one common interest -  In radio communications  Age, nationality, disability, political and ethnic barriers are non-existent in our hobby and we all strive to promote international  friendship and understanding throughout the world.  We have two Amateur Radio Stations set up at Grey Point Fort, one setup within the Radio Museum and the other setup on the lower  floor of the Battery Observation Post and operate under the special permanent callsigns of GB0GPF GN0URN or the Club callsign MN0GPF  Honorary Member Alfie Martin 94 Henry MI3BRX Charlie 2I0TUV Neill M1LMO Ray MI3CMY (SK) Phil MI0PWH Asst Treasurer