GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY @ 2006 GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY GREY POINT FORT    WW1 COATAL DEFENSE BATTERY     HELENS BAY   CRAWFORDSBURN    NORTHERN IRELAND When Grey Point Fort closed, the guns and all ancillary equipment were removed and sold for scrap,so   for many years there were no guns in Grey Point Fort Battery. only a ring of bolts showed where   these magnificent guns had been. Two guns of exactly the same type were traced in the Irish Republic, one from Spike  Island and the other from Fort Davis in County Cork.  These two guns were donated to Grey Point Fort by the Irish Government, they were  transported from Spike Island in County Cork by road transport and the first gun was  installed in 1993, the second gun was installed in 1999, when the mounting for both  guns were swung over the existing ring of bolts at Grey Point Fort, they fitted perfectly.  Over the past twelve years Grey Point Fort Amateur Radio Society volunteers have  created a fascinating museum of military memorabilia, including medals,uniforms,  photographs and weaponry from the first and second world wars and other conflicts  around the world at that time, there is also a section  devoted to the Titanic.  As well as the military museum, volunteers have also created a unique collection of  radio equipment used in World War II,  a bletchley receiver, and other electronic  equipment.