GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY @ 2006 GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY GREY POINT FORT    WW1 COATAL DEFENSE BATTERY     HELENS BAY   CRAWFORDSBURN    NORTHERN IRELAND The shelters are below ground level and this is were the gun crews on duty were quartered ready for instant action. The quarters to the right of the magazine have been converted into ladies and gents toilets. The Battery Observation Post was the headquarters of the Battery Commander.  He had a clear view of his guns and a clear field of fire and could also pass orders to both guns as well as the searchlight positions along the shoreline. The Fire Command Post was the tactical headquarters to the Fire Commander who had operational command of the Batteries at Grey Point Fort, Kilroot, Orlock and Magilligan. The Camping ground now to the south of the fort is now occupied by private houses.