GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY @ 2006 GREY POINT FORT AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY GREY POINT FORT    WW1 COATAL DEFENSE BATTERY     HELENS BAY   CRAWFORDSBURN    NORTHERN IRELAND The Quarters These quarters were built along with the rest of the fort in 1904 and it was established to house the Master Gunner   or the permanant staff for maintenance of the armaments. It is now a private residence.  Engine House  This housed the generator for the searchlights and internal lighting at the fort, but is presently used for storage.  Gates The gates into the fort were the only entrance, the walls were originally surmounted by a tall iron fence known   as the “unclimbable fence”, the gates, the wall and the iron fence still protect the entrance to the fort to the   present day. WW1 and WW2 trenches around the fort are still visible today.  Gun Store  The gun store was used for guns, machine guns and two 4.5 inch howitzers for defence against shore based  attack   (second world war) and latterly two 25 pounder saluting guns, presently there is only one 25-pounder gun on  display The Battery  The battery is armed with two 6 inch breech loading, Mark VII Naval guns, 100 feet apart,  Originally the guns were   mounted ‘en barbette’, that is firing over the top of the parapet, but gunhouses were added in 1940 to give  protection   against air attack.  On the parapet and under each gun platform were a series of shell recesses which contained   an immediate supply  of ammunition. The reserve was below ground in the magazine and sent up to the gun floor in a manually operated lift.